Welcome to the build-log of my PowerMac G5 to Hackintosh conversion. Many have done it before, but i hope you will enjoy this one.. This is how i bought the (defected) PowerMac G5, the case is completely perfect on the outside, i discovered one little scratch on the side, and there are several scratches on the front-panel usb-port. But apart from that it’s perfect.

The inside is a different story, it’s life started as an Dual 2.5Ghz G5 with watercooling. Somehow the watercooling system started leaking and caused major damage to the case interior (de-mineralized water is a real bitch). So here’s the inside, lots and lots of rusted bits:

In the next post i will show you the disassembly and cleaning of the parts..

On the side-note:
Of course i am poor student and if you want to support my project you can help in the following way’s!
Buy spare-parts off me, with the dissambly i recoverd some parts, the folowwing parts have not been tested but seem to be ok!:
  • 2x 2.5Ghz Power G5 Processors
  • ATi 9600 Pro dual-DVI
  • 6x DDR-memory strips ( no clue how large, i think 1GB each)
  • DVD/CD-RW “Superdrive”
If you have an unused Arduino-board i’m interested!

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